What is The Sparkle Network?

 It's a network of people who all share the same passion and enthusium in life.

We are all committed to learning, self development and gaining new friendships.

We are currently a team of nearly 300 in the space of just under 6 months! I am excited for the future with The Sparkle Network.

It is the first time since being in a Multi Level Marketing company that I have an upline! My upline is  Janice Bain. Janice was also a Leader in my previous company. She was someone who's posts inspired me and I enjoyed seeing her be successful. When I heard that she had joined Essens, I decided that I would love to work with her. Since I have started, the support has been amazing! Between her and her upline Sarah Amadi, we have an amazing community of people who love to share ideas and have some fantastic training. I would love to offer this to anyone new joining my network. 

We also offer some amazing incentives every month! From holidays to cash, we have something for everyone.

There are also some amazing incentives from Essens!

By achieving levels in their marketing plan, not only can you earn cash bonuses, you can qualify for cars and holidays!

It is very achievable to qualify for these incentives. In fact, within the space of 6 months, I have qualified for a Vauxhal Corsa and pre qualified for an all expenses trip to Turkey!

We are very lucky to be working with a company that rewards us with some fantastic incentives but that's not all! 

Every so often there is a sale! As distributors we already get up to 40% instant commission off the products. When the sales come we get even more instant commission! Once customers purchase our products they always come back for more and when there is a sale, customers spend more!