Two Phase Make Up Remover

Biphasic remover with argon oil and aloe vera gently and effectively removes make-up and cleans the skin.

unlike similar products on the market, it does not contain silicone and is purely natural
special consistency that meets the standards of natural cosmetics adjusts the pH to neutral and, above all, replaces
unwanted silicones to give skin luxurious care
water and oil phases will gently remove long-lasting make-up without the need of excessive pressure and without irritating the eyes
argan oil is produced from argania fruit and thanks to its limited occurrence in Moroccan semi-desert and demanding handmade production, it is one of the rarest oils in the world, slows down the ageing process of skin cells and is often used in the treatment of complicated skin diseases
aloe vera helps to reduce bacterial growth and acts anti-inflammatory, penetrates deep into the structure of the skin, where it perfectly hydrates and regenerates