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Name: Donna Morgan

Location: Bridgend South Wales

I am 41 years old, engaged and have 2 children. I have worked in network marketing for 4 years and this is my full time job. I love connecting with new people.

Name: Megan Griffiths

Location: Plymouth

I am 35 years old and mum to a gorgeous 5 year old. 

I have been in network marketing since January 2018. I enjoy learning about the products and supporting the team.

I love the flexability of the role as i can fit work in around my son.

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Name: Penny Ofsteng

Location: Newport Gwent

Hi! I am a mother to 4 children and  3 grandchildren. I Enjoy crafting in my spare time. I am a qualified primary teacher and a nursery manager.

I have been in network marketing on and off all of my adult life. 

Name: Sherese Rowe

Location: Basildon Essex

Hi! I am a mum of 2 and love spending time with my family, cooking/baking and enjoy outings. I have previously worked as a early years educator. I joined Essens in order to be able to give my children the best future and spend time with them whilst i earn. I get so much joy from helping others.

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Name: Sanam Iqbal

Location: Leyton London

I used to be a nursery practitioner until my husband had a stroke, brain haemorrhage when my little one was just 6 months. I'm a wife, mum of three and a carer. I love spending time with my family including cooking and baking for them. I also enjoy gardening, growing fruits and vegetables with my girls. I love helping people where possible. I joined Essens in order to be able to give my family a good future and help others save money.

Name: Mariana Nogueira

Location: Gordon Galashiels 

Hi! I am originally from Argentina but fell madly in love with the UK and my partner 17 years ago and never left! I have two children who I can be crazy with. I am an early years practitioner and love working with children. I work Essens around my busy life.

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Name: Zara Roberts

Location: Herefordshire

I'm 36 years old, married with a daughter. I have been in network marketing for 8 years. I love animals and volunteer at a dog daycare weekly and a animal theray centre. I would love to connect and help you earn a residual income.

Name: Martina Simkova

Location: Wood Green London

H!i! I am a proud mum of 4 and from London. Ive been in network marketing for 8 years but could never find my forever home, until recently! I'm cautious about the chemicals in cosmetics so joining a company like Essens was a no brainer. I also fell in love with their vision and quality products. Working with Essens gives me the necessary flexibility that i need to work around my kids.

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Name: Theresa Turner

Location: Weston Super Mare

I am 49, a mum to three grown up kids and a nan to one granddaughter. I have two dobermans and a cat. I've been in network marketing for 18 years. My mission is to help you to earn and save money.

Name: Corrina Lewis

Location: Caldicot

I am a mummy to a 2 year old and have been with Essens for 4 months. I previously worked for several other network marketing businesses over the years.I love meeting new people and trying new things.


Name: Karen Simmons

Location: Watford, Hertfordshire

Hi, I'm a mother to 4 children and have 3 grandchildren. Iwork as a carer. I really enjoy network marketing alongside my family, 4 dogs and 3 cats. I love the products and the Essens ethics, as well as helping others to save money and to earn an extra income.