Everyone wants to smell great, but sometimes perfume can be expensive.

Why are they so expensive? Perfume brands have huge budgets to spend on  advertising, branding and marketing. Famous celebrities front their adverts which can be very expensive. This is why designer brands charge a lot of money for their perfumes. 

What if I told you that you could smell exactly the same at a fraction of the price?

ESSENS perfumes are created with emphasis on the best possible quality. Our production is certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO  9001-2008 and is under constant inspection according to the strictest regulations and standards of the European Union.

We guarantee that every perfume product contains at least 20% of the fragrance essences (essential oils), exclusively provided by SELUZ company, which is one of the front producers of private brands. This guarantees an esteemed position with the elites among perfumes.

Let us introduce you to a simplified description of the manufacturing process. Aromatic essences of the greatest quality made exclusively from natural resources are firstly mixed together with a pure perfumer’s alcohol. This is why we differ from  most of the other perfume companies, as they are obligated to denaturalise the alcohol with chemicals, which may negatively affect the final product.

The final mixture is cooled to the temperature of -7°C and after is filtered; filters used in this step have a rating of 10 microns. The perfume is then stored in stainless steel tanks for a minimum of 8 weeks, where it matures so the essence gains more intensity. The mature perfume is then filled into flacons, cleaned by an air stream created by Italian masters at the renowned glass workshop.

Lastly the whole product is packaged into a box, which is designed with pure creativity. All manufacturing steps are subject to continuous control and only the best quality materials are used for the production.

The offer includes the most successful 40 perfumes for women and 20 perfumes for men.