Earning with Essens is completely different from what I have seen before with other companies! 

You can earn instantly from selling just one product! There are no minimum order limits and you can order as and when you want. Earning up to £7.20 on just one bottle of perfume is incredible!

If building a team interests you, Essens allows you to build a team of customers, sellers and team builders alike!

As well as earning up to 40% instant commission on our products, you can also qualify for bonuses on top and earn from your network! 

Our commission plan is based on points. Take a look at the following photo.

As you can see, our commission plan is based on points. Your points can be made up from personal sales or group sales from your network. 1 point works out around £1 without VAT.


So as you can see, the first bonus level is 100 points for 3%. As a customer you would expect to earn 3% every month by changing your shopping habits and switching your shopping to Essens products.


If you are selling to family and friends you would expect to earn between 6% and 9% which is up to 1,200 points.

If you were interested in team building you would want to achieve between 12% upwards which is 2,400 points. 

As you can see, its very achievable to earn bonuses on top of our instant retail commission. The table above also gives you the average commission for the different levels.


This is the first marketing plan. There are more as you move through the levels! And dont forget, you earn on everyone in your network!


Check out my business presentation below.


Do you have 10 minutes to spare now that could potentially change your lifestyle or your income?