Hi! My name is Claire Mackerness and I am 38 years young!

I have 2 beautiful girls - Chloe who is 14 and Katy who is 10. Not forgetting my loving husband Ryan and my cats Purple and Skye!

I enjoy spending time with my girls. They do a range of activities from dancing to gymnastics which keep us all busy every day of the week! I also love nothing better than to catch up with my favourite box sets on Netflix, with the hubby once the kids have gone to bed.

I have been in network marketing for 9 years and it has changed my life! I have been able to pay off my debts, take my kids on holidays abroad and to live comfortably. 

Back in the summer of 2019, I  felt as though i was stuck in a rut. I found an amazing opportunity that I couldn't leave so took the leap of faith and joined!

Back in September 2020, I saw a gap in the market for stationery for network marketers and small businesses. I decided to start a business selling personalised labels and creating logos/banners/leaflets, etc. I am hoping to expand in 2021 with new items.

I am so passionate about health, beauty, fitness and wellness and hope that I have everything you need on this website. 


I'm looking forward to showing you an insight into my life and hope that you will connect with me soon.